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My name is Taylor and I play guitar and sing in a band called Washed in White. We are a three-piece band which consists of Ryan Dailey, the drummer and percussionist, John Davis, the bassist and back up vocalist, and myself. We have now been together as a band for about 4 years.


We got our name Washed in White from Revelation 7:14. It states that "...these are they who have come out of the great tribulation, they have washed their robes and made them white." Ultimately we have been cleansed from the sin of the world. Christ has come and made us white as snow in the eyes of god. He has washed us clean from the sin that plagued us. So we kinda took our band name from that theme and verse.

If we were to be put in a genre, we would probably come close to a Christian Pop rock band. All three of us love to step on a stage and jam but also we like to all huddle up on some stools with a couple of acoustics guitars, a harmonica, and caj'on. We have been compared to in sound with Dave Matthews, Jon Foreman, Ruth Moses Mayfield, and Switchfoot but I think it is because those are some of our major musical influences.


God has opened many doors for us the past four years. We have played at several churches, youth groups, coffee shops, and christian concert events. Although we have played at shows and events limited to the Carolinas the past years, in the Summer of 2009 we broadened our horizons to the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. The tour was entitled the "Letting Go Tour". We partnered with a group called Samaritan's Feet, and raised enough money to help change 200 kid's lives around the world by supplying them with shoes.


The songs on our playlist are from our album entitled Awake & Alive. We recorded and finished mastering the record in the Spring of 2009. We were blessed to record with Jake Hunter. Jake owns his own studio that is located in Fort Mill, SC. The song "You Are the One" was recorded 3 years ago at a local studio in Huntersville, NC with more of a live recording feel to it, meaning it is a bit rough. One thing we have tried to do is make sure that the message behind each song is known, so we have released on our blogs the meaning of each of the songs on our playlist, so make sure you check those out.


But it all comes down to that we have a passion for music, but not just music; music with a purpose and meaning, music that has a message of hope. If there is one thing we as a band have learned throughout these past three years is this: We all love great music, but the music isn't as important as the meaning behind it. We are driven by our passion to impact. We truly desire to change people's lives by a message of Christ's love through our music.


Washed in White's mission is to praise God through music and song day in and day out.


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